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Further Sayings from Chairman Winslow Truman.

Posted by: Quincunx ( Industrial Workers of the World ) on September 09, 1999 at 00:28:48:

In Reply to: If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen posted by Winslow Wacker on September 08, 1999 at 15:28:59:

: : WW: Research and organize? Since most working people don't have the time to "research and organize" they can only join in as followers - I suppose you will do the researching and organizing for us?

: : Qx: Smart guy this one.lots of assuming and a huge need for bickering.

WW: Well, father paranoia, who is going to do the organizing and researching? You haven't answered the question.

Qx: Typical ad-hominems that even Sendero would have found useful in its formative period. Winslow knows the answer but keeps up with the drivel. Therefore I don't need to answer this sicko.

: : WW: Unity and unifocality are the mantras of state and proto-state apparatuses.

: : Qx: Well, these are cute terms. Did you get this from some management theory course?

WW: Why are these "cute" terms?

Qx: Because they reek of an attempt to sound sophisticated. Is that something you crave?

WW: Why do you assume I am a manager?

Qx: Oooooops, straw man here.

WW: It seems to me that you are just pissed off because I dare to criticise the "left".

Qx: Actually, I dare to question your honesty and that makes you very angry. I have no reason to be angry. Just skeptical.

: : WW: Even those fringe left groups that are explicitly anti-state have as their axis activities that are geared to unity and unifocal forms.

: : Qx: Please repeat in English.

WW: Uh, o.k. Demonstrations, mass meetings, strikes, and other fringe-left shenanigans are all premised on unity and, implicit in them, are both representation and delegation. The logic for these events is that they are shows of strength and thus in the interest of wage workers. I think these activities are really just occasions for displaying the strength of leaders and organizations.

Qx: If it's a trade union you may be right but if its the IWW then you're dead wrong. As usual. BTW, saying things such as "axis activities that are geared to unity and unifocal forms" is hardly understandable to wage workers but then if you're a statistician it could be great fun to haggle over the details.

: : WW: We don't need your pseudo, anti-vanguardist bullshit Quincunx -

: : Qx: Who is "we"? That might make your rantings a bit clearer.

WW: Wage workers. And the IWW has a program and structure which employs representation and delegation. That's what I consider phony.

Qx: So, by stating thqat you're claiming to represent "wage workers". That's bogus as all beat hell.

: : WW: jeez, at least the Leninists are honest about it.

: : Qx: I rather doubt that. Many Leninists go right into historical denial mode when confronted with the huge amouunts of evidence against Lenin.

WW: I wasn't talking about Lenin's (or Leninists') past transgressions - duh.

Qx: Yes, you were. You stated that just previously.

WW:You know they are quite explicit about the need for a vanguard party - they call a spade a spade, unlike other fringe left groups who pretend to reject vanguardism.

Qx: Then why don't you join a Leninist sect? What? You scared of becoming P.C.?

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