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Posted by: Stoller on September 28, 1999 at 12:22:19:

In Reply to: Utopia of Social Labor prob. needs another inducement posted by Samuel Day Fassbinder on September 27, 1999 at 15:46:37:

:...I don't see job boredom offering an incentive to agitate. Much more likely, in my view, is the possibility that capitalism will collapse its own resource base in an economically nasty way, and this will put a swift end to the sort of reformism that demands higher wages within a system that still withholds power over society from its constituent members.

Yes, crisis is the ample midwife of revolution, as Lenin observed.

: If it does anything for anyone, the doomsday argument about environmental disaster shows the extent to which people have forfeited the power to manage their own personal life-situations to impersonal economic and political forces, and that this leaves global society as a whole looking like a car without a driver.

As usual, your ideas are as meticulously considered as they are compelling. I only wish you offered more positive solutions now and then, though.

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