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why do you think people in overseas counrties laugh at america and our culture?

Posted by: Nikhil Jaikumar ( DSA, MA, USA ) on October 08, 1999 at 13:51:53:

In Reply to: Guilty as charged posted by Gee on October 08, 1999 at 10:35:58:

: Because he studied *governments*. If he included 'private' crimes then he would be processing a billion individuals rather than governments. Blaming america for the mugger on 42nd street is tenuous and problematic at best!

Not so. It happens all teh time, why do you think people in overseas counrties laugh at america and our culture? Crime arets are alrgely an outgrowth of our socioeconomic system and culture of hedonism and violence.

: : No. I'm saying that if you have a storehouse of food and you distribute it to people according to some system you have,

: *you* dont. Its done by the interactions of millions of people and organisations of people, hence how would one go about blaming america?

Some specific orgnisations wityh a lot of power can be blamed.

: : Those famines were 'planned' by teh state only inasmuch as the state said, 'we are going to restructure the means of production, and if people must die, that's OK". It was callous indefference to human life that caused the death.

: And you can link it to govt, you cant line the American example in any meaningful way to govt. Its difficult to link the starvation of several people in Queens to policy XYZ by the govt.

I didn't balme the govrenment,m did I? I blamed teh capitalist ideology.

: : No, but neither you nor I are the ones who decdie how food is to be distributed, therefore we bear less blame.

: But the question 'why arent we?' is worth asking.

YEs, but it's a separate question.

: : No, but I proposed Kerala, Sweden, Nicaragua, and other stataes as good examples. I can live with their flaws, I don't try to evade them.

: And some people could not live with the flaws - we worry over minorities in the US and in HK, but not in Kerala?

EVERYONE in Kerala is guaraneted a basoic standard of living, that includes minorities as well.

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