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Rotation Is Democracy

Posted by: Stoller on October 20, 1999 at 01:03:01:

In Reply to: what about the freedom of the individual to decide what he wants to do? posted by Frenchy on October 19, 1999 at 19:04:45:

Well, Frenchy, I must say I'm flattered that you took the time to read my long post!

: Isn't it more democratic to allow the people themselves to decide what they want to do for a living? Some guys are happy being taxi cab drivers. I know some of them.

Great. Let me say I know an equal amount of taxi cab drivers who wish they could do other things. Now, that we have exchanged an equal amount of anecdotes, let us move on to logic and concrete facts.

It is easy to say that 'some people' are content doing the job that the labor market provides. But it is exceedingly disingenuous to do so when the education market limits skill access to only 25% of the population (see my appendix). If an individual receives only a high school level set of skills, he or she would not feel very confident about wanting to do such work as...participate in running the country!

And that is the point of my exposition, Frenchy. As long as people can't---or 'don't care to'---run their own government, then expert usurpers such as George W. Bush (and the corporations that finance him) will do so simply because they've got a fistful of dollars to buy the election.

As a libertarian, don't you want some say in how the government is run?

: What's your trade background?

Is that relevant to having an opinion about how our country is run?

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