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Posted by: Deep Dad Nine ( United States of Ameritech ) on October 21, 1999 at 00:21:19:

In Reply to: Sure about that? posted by Gee on October 20, 1999 at 15:50:30:

: : Your teacher will be looking for the definition of capitalism the myth, look it up in a dictionary and you'll get an "A". A teacher won't want to hear what leftists think of capitalism.

: You're being serious?

: To explain capitalism in terms of private ownership and free trade would be a 'dictionary' explanation. Teachers, those employed by the state, would utterly contradict the validity of their own role in society if they were to agree with the above definition. They exist in an organisation specifically *not* privately owned and *not* subject to the free market.

DDN: But said organization IS privately owned and highly SUBORDINATE to the "free" market. Gee, did you ever attend public school in the states? The History books are written almost exclusively from the elite capitalist perspective. Public school teachers are trained and paid to teach directly from these books and they usually do adhere tightly to them. Its not a contradiction for them because their employer, the US government, primarily works for elite capital interests - a point I have always tried to stress but now we have a beeming example of it right in front of us. I'm glad you brought our attention to this little gem of knowledge.

A US public school teacher's "role in society" is to mold little would-be anti-capitalists and free thinkers into complacent little automatons that feel nothing but priveleged to work for GE, Ford Motor, and Monsanto and to return their hard earned money back to them for their shit products over and over again from cradle to grave.

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