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Do the Wood Folk live near Everest by any chance?

Posted by: Barry Stoller on October 21, 1999 at 22:21:37:

In Reply to: wood folk posted by Gee on October 21, 1999 at 14:47:51:

: People value 'stuff' differently, they discriminate between people, places and activities they perceive gaining benefit from and seek those out rather than engaging in people, places and activities which they believe will disbenefit [???] them.

Do people value food when they're hungry 'differently'? Do people value health care when they're sick 'differently'? Do people value heat and shelter when they're cold and tired 'differently'? According to the occult logic of the minority usurpers and their legerdemain religion of 'effective demand,' perhaps they do... Or are you presuming that everyone has sufficient food, health care, heat, and shelter?

: Oppression whether by one or millions is still oppression...

So this statement justifies oppression by the minority? Sorry, pal, majority rule is still the bedrock of modern civilization. At least your opposition to democracy is now fully out in the open...

: : According to Business Week magazine...

It's true: The U.S. has a two-tier economy, and many Americans are struggling to get ahead. Average wages today remain lower, after adjusting for inflation, than their all-time peak in 1973. A vast number of people labor in lower-skilled, lower-wage jobs that...offer few prospects for on-the-job training or advancement. Family incomes, adjusted for inflation, have recovered just half their losses from prerecession levels of 1989. Heady stock market gains primarily benefit the top 25% of families, leaving big-ticket items of the American dream such as new homes and cars still out of reach for many. And while income inequality at last has begun to narrow, the chasm between the top and bottom is much wider than it was 25 years ago.(1)

: You and I (and septimus!) know that there are also articles and research suggesting that people are becoming better off over time and that I could repeat lines from them...

No, Gee, that's not good enough! You're bluffing!

I just cited something from a credible source. The only thing you have ever cited was The Millionaire Next Door, which is NOT a credible source!

I include this golden oldie of yours because it demonstrates conclusively that when cornered, you
just simply make stuff up!

If Business Week---AND the New York Times (5 September 1999, sec. A , p. 14)---say that the rich are getting richer and that the poor are getting poorer, I believe them. Don't you?

Again---let's see some credible corroborating citations to prove your outrageous contradicting claim that the rich are getting poorer and the poor are getting richer.

1. Business Week, 1 September 1997, pp. 64 & 66.

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