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Marx said it too!

Posted by: Chuck ( Virginia ) on October 22, 1999 at 13:56:49:

In Reply to: Welcome back, Lark posted by Stoller on October 21, 1999 at 17:17:14:

Lark: Well then the sources speak for themselves as NJ has said Marx said that in Holland and the US Socialism would come non-violently through the ballot box...I think you'll want to differentiate between Marx and the Marxists.

Barry: Actually, it was ENGELS who (controversially) said the above---see his introduction to Marx's Class Struggles in France.

Chuck: Marx said it too - in a speech he gave in Amsterdam on September 8, 1872 after a congress of the first international:

"...we do not deny that there are countries - such as America, England, and if I were more familiar with your institutions, I would perhaps also add Holland - where the workers can attain their goal by peaceful means." (The Marx-Engels Reader, 2nd edition, edited by Robert C. Tucker, p.522, "The Possibility of Non-Violent Revolution")

Adam Buick of the SPGB also points out that:

"In 1880 we find him (Marx) drafting a declaration of principles for a workers' party in France itself in which workers were urged to turn 'universal suffrage from the instrument of fraud it has been up to now into an instrument of emancipation.'" (DB # 91, p.10, Sep-Oct 1998)

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