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I do appreciate your suggestions, really.

Posted by: Frenchy on October 22, 1999 at 19:44:54:

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: I think maybe you could try a little harder on the debate.

: Try to give some more thougt maybe, I think you are acting a little too simple... Just an opinion.

: ps) Would it change your views on Solzhenytzin if you had known he was a hard-line nationalist with near-racist ideals?

Geez, I do appreciate your suggestions, really.
Let me now make one.
When ever the previous sins of Socialism are pointed out the response is usually some attempt to decouple THEIR nasty old Socialism from OUR particular brand of Socialism.
Do you really consider that as detached analysis? The ChiComs practically rever Marx/Engels, they are the sources of their politics and economics.
It makes many people nervous to hear present day Marxists proclaim his theories given his track record.
Untill Marxists accept with out reservation the effects that Marxism has led to, how can you blame people for having reservations about that ideology? Calling others simple minded is fine, but we simple minded folks look at the difference between the promise of Socialism and it's practice.
Coercive state force is a necessary component of socialism, usually in the form of ever higher taxes. That's just another way of saying your own labor doesn't belong to you it belongs to the state.

There are other ways to provide for the less fortunate than taking hard earned money from this individual and giving it to that one. Politicians love to be Robin Hood, but to those that the money comes from those politicians are modern day Robber Barrons.
Do you know who and how charity was handled before the advent of socialism in America? Before FDR, that is to say?

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