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I give my due.

Posted by: Dr. Cruel on October 23, 1999 at 02:34:01:

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Socialism is a game, like the greenhouse effect, or LINUX. The idea that someone would 'sell' a product is anathema to the people who initiate this sort of mechanic; this is why they turn to other means, like hysterical bombast, or (when sufficient force is at hand) violence. This is why I have so often had recourse to use the word "petulance".

Don't think of leftists as originators of solutions - their ideas are invariably self serving, in ways that so poorly pretend to be helpful as to frequently force the employment of armed might to "sell" them. Consider them a means by which problems in our society might be discovered. They have every incentive too look where businessmen wouldn't. No corporate capitalist is going to win points with his boss by pointing out how polluting the factory is; the leftists, who desperately desire to bring modern civilization crashing down in favor of a feudalistic bureaucracy of Marxist noblemen (think of the mandarins of China, the nomenklatura of Russia, the herditary monarchy of Cuba), are always looking for an angle or edge. You should thank the little monsters for their trouble. As long as they're comfortably raging at the malfeasance of an economy gone mad, and sulking at the masses who are awash in an ill-fated capitalist inspired prosperity, you shouldn't have much to worry about.

Just remember not to ignore the little beggars. The Vietnamese did; it'll be decades before the people of Indochina can crawl out from under that boulder.

"Doc" Cruel

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