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Posted by: Dr. Cruel on October 22, 1999 at 19:46:56:

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You want to enjoy nature in sheepland. You want to be left, undisturbed, to live out what Fate has left in legacy to you. You want to exercise your right to develop your DNA program to an end state. Of course.

Almost 800 years ago, a great 'hero' named William Wallace rounded up a large gang of like-minded thugs, taking on the lieutenants of the most powerful regional crimelord at the time, a Norman named Ed (the one, as I recall). He got beat, and Ed tore him up (to be fair, after Bill had been begging the French to send him some more thugs). Ed then died, being replaced by a poof son, Ed Jr. (the two). The kid wasn't very good at running his da's criminal empire, and an old, wily crook by the name of Rob (da) Bruce made his move. This guy was slick, and won that piece of the peasant action north of the Tees (until he died soon after - likely by poisoning).

I have as much reverence for these characters as the locals did at the time. The average Scottish or English peasant feared the local 'nobility' at best, and more often actively hated them. Most of these people weren't affected by the wars all that much, unless one of these groups of armed hooligans camped too close, in which case one could reasonably expect to be pillaged (whether they were 'your' nobles or not), or some particularly rotten bastard got it in his head to do some 'harrying' (which a particularly nasty one, named William, did - first to the Saxon Harry, then to the north of 'England').

Why do I bring this up? I, like the average medeival peasant, would like the nobles to fight somewhere else. I don't care for any of them, and believe most of the negative things I hear, whether they are said about the 'bad' nobles (merchants, capitalists) or 'good' nobles (communists, guerrillas). One of the ways they operate is to convince naive, idealistic young people that they are helping a 'cause', 'bettering the world', or other such nonsense - not exchanging one greedy noble for a more cunning and competant one. Thus, I like to get my jollies by exposing the various inconsistencies of the respective parties. So there.

Politics is getting your way by convincing others to see things as you do (or want them to). As the process necessitates communication, here I is.

"Doc" Cruel

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