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No Doubt

Posted by: Dr. Cruel on October 23, 1999 at 02:18:18:

In Reply to: More confusion posted by Stoller on October 22, 1999 at 13:41:17:

Are you sure you aren't talking about one Mr. Bakhunin, the agriculturalist? Bukharin (the anarchist - a philosopher who fornicated with the wives of his friends on the basis of 'liberating them from bourgeois morality') certainly did stand by the 'property is theft' adage, as did Proudhon (and, as I recollect, Mr. Zephod Beetlebrox as well, who codified the whole of socialism in the reverse corrolary, 'thus, theft is property').

These are grave days indeed, when foul minded pompous buffoons are more knowledgable about Marxism than the Holy Ones themselves. But, as this line of thought is merely meant as a clarifying footnote, and does not add to my definition of capitalism, per se, I shall desist from further speculation on the ramifications of this minor faux paux.

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