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Who are you to define who are the enemies of society Dr. Cruel?

Posted by: Lark on October 26, 1999 at 16:56:58:

In Reply to: Nationalist, statist, or otherwise ... posted by Dr. Cruel on October 26, 1999 at 10:47:57:

: It would be indeed.

Glad we agree.

: Incidentally, it is the duty and obligation of the intellectual to 'steer' the unconscious mass of herd-like entities, known as the proles. Eh? Well then.

Is it? Would it not simply be better for rational critical individuals to persuade each other of things with conspiratorial or Machavellian pretension or strategy?

: Pardon me, but I just had an unusually obvious thought.

Your Pardoned was it your first one? A thought I mean.

:Why not steer them against their real enemies - the socialists?

Who are you to define who are the enemies of society Dr. Cruel? Given the racists, Nazis, various Jihads and fatwas I'd have thought they'd be real low on the list. It makes me feel good to realise that dispite all the talk of "post modernity" that paranoia is keeping discourse alive.

Infact in this current lull it appears that paranoid capitalists are actually electrocuting the corpse of socialism to see if it want to go another round and provide a source to divert peoples attention to aware from corporate corruption etc. for another while.

:If their is any group of people that have caused more misery, more poverty, more outright savagery and bloodshed amongst the 'common man', it is the membership of this most 'holy' family.

Hold on Dr. what have I ever done to you? What have any of the socialists in here done to you? Please drop this whole attempt to categorise and demonise different opinions and possibly debate something.

: It would seem to require nothing more than stating the truth, calmly and without waver.

Truth might not be on your side citizen, dogma maybe but not truth.

: "Doc" Cruel

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