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How, presumption.

Posted by: Dr. Cruel on October 27, 1999 at 10:34:07:

In Reply to: Who are you to define who are the enemies of society Dr. Cruel? posted by Lark on October 26, 1999 at 16:56:58:

My. I seem to detect a bit of ... hostility?

You are, of course, correct. "We", not "I" or "you" (or "the Party") decide for ourselves who our enemies truly are. For all your fist-shaking fury directed at my personal beliefs, I still detect something of an idealist in you. Of such are anarchist leanings made.

In any case, it was only a 'friendly' suggestion - not unlike many made here all too frequently. It thusly seems as if you are somewhat selective in your self righteous ire, friend.

"Doc" Cruel

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