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Personal barbs will not support your ridiculous argument

Posted by: Stoller on October 27, 1999 at 01:03:26:

In Reply to: They know? posted by Gee on October 26, 1999 at 16:20:34:

The 51% of the population who BOYCOTTED the last Presidential weren't manipulated---or fooled. They know it doesn't matter which cartel of wealthy men run the country. They know that elections need to happen in the work place---not in some dim, asomatous realm the public never sees.

Now you are their self appointed spokesperson - to speak about what millions of diverse people 'know'?

Oh, I get it, Gee.

Let's call one of the candidates that 51% of the American people rejected at the polls the spokesperson then!

According to your logic:
If they vote, they get what they deseve---and if they don't vote they (also) get what they deserve.

Some choice.

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