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With some it's better to break wind

Posted by: bill on October 28, 1999 at 15:53:22:

In Reply to: I'll be damned if I break breath to certain people again. posted by Lark on October 28, 1999 at 13:15:02:

: For Christ sake the standard of debate on the capitalist side has took a mad bastard dive, hasn't it?

I can sympathize with your feelings, but maybe you expect a little to much from them. We all tend to be a little..erm inflexable when it comes to challenging our strongly held belief systems. Unfortunately It is not so much a problem of reason, understanding, and critical thinking, as it is a problem of ego protection (I am my ideas). It takes a certain effort, circumstance, god only knows what, to begin to challenge the cultural conditioning to which we have all been subjected. Naturally (with the possible exception of Gee at present) the "Defenders" of this dominant culture-system have little to contribute to this board which seeks alternatives. The reason Gee can hang on (with you particularly) IMO, is that his appeal to the "sovereign individual" (his mighty horse) is that it has a certain resonance with anarchist thinking - and by extension, Marx's concept of the "human project" that is, authentic man.

(keep on a keepin on)

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