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I'll be damned if I break breath to certain people again.

Posted by: Lark on October 28, 1999 at 13:15:02:

For Christ sake the standard of debate on the capitalist side has took a mad bastard dive, hasn't it?

Now I tried really hard to be civil about this but I doubt if any of the capitalists even read the actual posts.

The fact is that the current rhetoric and dogma about Clinton being some kind of Maoist or Hitler being as socialist as Thomas Sankara etc. is sickening, not to mention insulting, by all acounts the current capitalist debators dont want to reason, just spew forth dogmatic rehtoric and contradict socialists just for the sake of it.

I think of this and then I think of how these nuts are organising militias aswell, well you can have your free market hell, you can make the US like the Russia if you want extremely class polarised with facists and statists waiting in the wings for a reaction, just fuck off and dont post to me ever again.

The only saving grace on the capitalist side are the likes of Gee but then he's been strangely silent when this shit slinging is going down I wonder if he actually believed a word Red Deathy said in the lengthy posts he made specifically for him.

Anyway I've better things to do, maybe violent revolution is the only option reason has failed and dogma is reigning in the puesdo-libertarian camp.

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