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My provisional prescense

Posted by: Lark on October 29, 1999 at 11:25:15:

In Reply to: Crumbs! posted by Gee on October 28, 1999 at 15:02:48:

: Thanks, I think. I havent really been following those posts much - limited time and all that, I've been focussed elsewhere debate-wise. Perhaps I should check them out.

I'm sorry if it appeared I was attacking you I wasnt. Although you have stated many times how you hate leftist debaters who have a tendency to moan about it (capitalism) being "Unfair" or running of one line dogmatism (the "Lenin, Stalin, Mao" of the Revolutionary Workers Party Cult) it makes me equally furious to see the same thing on the capitalist side, I really, really feel as though I waste my time posting messages.

: I'm not sure what you meant linking the 'shit-slinging' with Red Deathy's posts - but actually I liked him and took much note of our lengthy exchanges. Whilst I didnt agree with various elements of RD's criticism of 'stuff' nor with his conclusions about what would really happen were there to be any form of socialism - I found him to have loads of 'internal integrity' in his posts and to be able to explain concepts quite well with a mix of clarity and determined persistency.

It's not just a matter of integraty we are equally sincere but we still consider each other wrong, or at least not entirely correct, what I was suggesting is that you have engaged in a veritable cultural exchange between the capitalist and free camps and have found, I think it's same to assume, that the Hitler, Stalin, Mao crap that "libertarian" dogmatists are driving around in a wheel barrow is nonsensical, when compared with the real socialist, whether reformist, like me, or radical, like RD.

Then there are those who exist only as a contradiction, who's purpose is a prejudiced assault on communism, a concept they have no interest in or understanding of. As I would say to any free debater who was making poverty posts EG depending on the earthquakes etc. of the third world to provide humanitarian disasters to blame on capitalism I might expect you to encourage among right wings an unprejudiced approach to the whole deal.

: All in all, he was pretty good to discuss things with.

Yeah, I know, not that I didnt have my differences or anything.

: : Anyway I've better things to do, maybe violent revolution is the only option reason has failed and dogma is reigning in the puesdo-libertarian camp.

: Hey dont dissapear Lark - you add value to the debate
: (does that mean we extract surplus value from you? nah, just me being silly ;-) )

My presence is provisional.

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