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It was certainly in the popular press back in '90.

Posted by: DonS ( USA ) on October 28, 1999 at 22:16:56:

In Reply to: Especially those 'Freedom Fighters' posted by Samuel Day Fassbinder on October 28, 1999 at 12:15:24:

: : Don: The Sandistas were murderous, as were the leftist terrorists in
: : Honduras and El Salvador.

: : Qx: Can you come up with any evidence of that?

: SDF: Or do you lie for the sheer joy of it? After all, today's LOS ANGELES TIMES has a front-page article on Nicaraguan "Contra" death camps... "Those brutes! They dared fight back, when our tax dollars went to kidnaping their children and destroying their crops!"

Don: After the Sandistas lost to Chamorro in 1990, mass graves were discovered of their victims. I remember hearing this back when I was doing my undergrad work in physics back at UCSD. One of my leftist college buddies thought the Nicaraguan people were nasty because the Sandistas lost the election. I have no idea what documentation exists on the web for this. It was certainly in the popular press back in '90.

Don: The general behaviour of the commies in Central America is well known. Castro murdered many people, including fellow revolutionaries, after he took power. In El Salvador, the commies threatened to kill citizens who voted in the elections. The Sandistas attacked indian villiages. These people imported violent revolutions into most of the countries of Central America.

Don: In El Salvador, the commies claimed their M-16s were taken from government forces. Some no doubt were, but for the most part this is another lie. Serial numbers confirm many came from Vietnam. Some of these weapons were so old they were marked "AR-15". FN-FALs from Cuba were captured from the rebels. Many of the rebels themselves were forign invaders. Many were trained elsewhere, many in Granada. The commies told so many lies, it is impossible to believe anything they say.

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