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...but Frenchy's militant ignorance

Posted by: Quincunx on October 31, 1999 at 17:40:25:

In Reply to: Plutocrats, unite! You have nothing to lose... posted by Frenchy on October 29, 1999 at 11:01:08:

: : SDF: Yeah, I'd like to know why the defenders of plutocracy, DonS and Frenchy and DrWhatever etc. think the rich are their best buddies. Respondents, form a queue.

F: Your terrific at distorting others views. Congratulations.

Qx: Uh-oh. Frenchy breaks wind and sails right into it at top speed.

F: It'd be a lot more accurate though to say that Frenchy, for one, gives credit where credit is due. Example? How about that 'schmuck' Donald Trump for starters? I don't know what his pedigree is, and don't particularly care. His talent is not the endurance to stand in front of a Bridgeport all day, or to change tires. His talent is to organize, take risks, have a vision that most cannot concieve.

Qx: [From Sam Smith's Progressive Review. Trump wasn't exactly self-made; his father was a rich developer. A friend of mine once speculated that the reason Trump is so arrogant - and unwilling to emulate his social betters - is that he grew up with money, and doesn't have the anxieties of an arriviste.]

Jane Mayer reports in the New Yorker that surveys find that Donald Trump's biggest supporters are blacks, latinos, and white voters who earn less than $25,000 a year. Says one of Trump's associates: "It's a lifestyle thing. They think, 'If I hit the lottery -- that's the way I would live.' The boats, the planes, the beautiful women. That doesn't appeal to the Ph.D's or old money, but he's from Queens -- he's got regular-guy appeal." And Trump had this message for New Yorker readers: "They may think of me as nouveau riche, but I probably did a lot better in college than most of your readers. The old rich who fancy themselves intellectuals? Most of them never even made any money themselves. They may look down their noses at me -- but I think they kiss my ass."- from the LBO e-list.

F: Oh, and provide hundreds if not thousands of jobs. For those things he deserves credit.

Qx: Good grief. Casinoes produce bugger all and encourage one helluva monster addiction.

F: Not because he has a gabillion dollars, that's just democracies way of approving of what he does; ie; people voting with their pocket books, ie; economic democracy.

Qx: Wallet Democracy eh? That's how billionaires can get away with claiming to be populists.

F: The same goes for others who have those talents to deal with people effectively.

Qx: Just how do you define effective? If it means money games then that is prety sad.

F: From your point of view, I and others like myself are dupes, to stupid to know wheather or not we are being manipulated.

Qx: Actually, some pro-capitalists here are quite smart but you're not one of them.

F: From my point of view, you and others like you are malcontents with to much time on your hands and a bellyfull of bile.

Qx: From your point of view, you can only deny that what you've just staed is wishful thinking. So if you're here for any reason it's most likely due to some sort of vigilante hysteria and you've done a great job at discrediting yourself.

F: Remember the old saying; Those who can do while those who can't teach.

Qx: It's a pretty dumb saying since it hardly is the norm in the real world.

F: So sorry.

Qx: We always knew that.

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