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you can talk about civil war some of us live it.

Posted by: Lark on November 01, 1999 at 16:28:24:

In Reply to: He did not leave to a better society--he left to a pathetic one. posted by DonS on October 31, 1999 at 17:44:31:

: Don: Nice to know you are maintaining your Marxist roots. You probably don't want to live near me. Based on your threats, I'd have to shoot you first and I'm a damn fine shot with rifle or pistol.

I've got no Marxist roots, Anarchist roots maybe but your just demonstrating once again your anti-marxist prejudice and biased belifes that all they want to do is engage in killing. I wouldnt want to live near you right enough you'd probubly be drilling nutbar militias in your backyard waiting for an opportunity at counter revolution.

You havent guessed yet that with the threats I was trying to demonstrate that when politics and discourse die a death all that remains is the violent clash of dogmas that cant tolerate one another, the award for perception will have to go to someone else.

As far as your crack shot business goes, your speaking to someone from N.Ireland here you can talk about civil war some of us live it.

: Don: Your not improving your case.

What case? Would it be possible to make a case to you Don? Whatever I say you just call it lies and key in bullshit dogma.

: Don: How do these events alter the definition of socialism?

OK the workers and libertarian socialists sought to reconstruct socialism as a stateless libertarian order through the institution of fully accountable workers councils etc. I think it has a big effect on your definiton maybe you dont see it but then you dont see, or choose to ignore or deny, the privately owned command economy and plutocracy of private individuals more tyrannical than any state.

: Don: Marxists worlwide have been helped be wealthy cartels. So What? The fact is, in fascism the government *controls* industry.

No it fucking doesnt!! The only facists who advocated state direction of industry in Germany, that is the SA led by Strasser the remanent of working class interest in the Nazi party, where all executed as communists by Hitler in the night of the long knives, the worlds media refered to it as the occasion when the germans began hiling with both hands (EG the sign of surrender both hands up) it's a documented fact. Hitler defended the Capitalists as aspiring to his ultra competitive and survival of the fitest/strongest Darwinian ideas in the economic sphere and never interfered with the market other than to assist in murdering union aggitators etc. who threatened the capitalist rule of industry.

: Don: Fascism is an economic system.

Now that's bullshit propaganda designed to create a negative association between the economic collectivism of socialism and the racist and bully boy behaviour of facism, you believe it your prejudiced or Machavellian.

If your talking about collectivism then fine criticise it but dont try to confuse it with the racist ideals and economic collaborationist approach of facism.

:It does not carry any requirement for ultranationalism, except in the propaganda of socialists who are attempting to distance themselves from it.

That's prejudice you idiot, I suppose there is no such thing as a decent socialist who is honestly seeking freedom, the exercise of the free will unhindered by state or market, in your opinion.

: Don: Based upon what you have said so far, it is clear whatever believes you have do not include morality. You claim to be a Marxist, therefore you can be a Marxist without having morality. QED.

I've never, never claimed to be a Marxist loser and what I believe does include morality, who the hell are you to define morality God?

: Don: I was thinking the same about you. I know I won't have an impact, but it sure is fun!

It's fun your winding me up you bastard and causing me distress and it's fun, yeah, your utopia is wouldnt be a vicious hell. I'm not programmed my posts are free of dogma and propaganda, I'm not seeking to fool anyone with Machvellian tactics so that I can set up a military dictatorship I genuinely believe in the free will and freedom as it's exercise but your never going to believe me because you have read somewhere that socialists are evil liers and you've found others who think likewise and you've created a cast iron prejudice.

: Don: It is clear to anyone who lives in the West that he could have lived a good life here had he chosen to stay.

This is more prejudice, it's well seen that you are a privileged memeber of the elite because you have the inability to understand the condition of the poor, exploited or excluded at all, never mind political activists which are pressurised into exile.

:Perhaps he wanted to be a Big Hero of the Socialised Socialist Democratic Marxist Republic.

I doubt it considering he disappeared after his defection thought to have been a victim of the latest purge, if I'm not wrong, had to have been bad in the west if he'd defect with an almost certain death waiting on him.

:Who knows. He did not leave to a better society--he left to a pathetic one.

I'd agree but it does nothing to reduce the legitimacy of socialism.

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: McSpotlight: Don, is there any need to declare that someone has no morality?; it's utterly undefendable as a serious comment (since you can never assign your moral values to someone else) and will merely make Lark see red; which will not help any dialogue towards a useful conclusion...

Thanks for the vote of support McSpotlight.

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