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I feel I have the right to strike and picket, but I think the boss has the right to bring in other workers to do the job.

Posted by: DonS ( USA ) on November 01, 1999 at 22:22:39:

In Reply to: And the Sides are Set. posted by Lark on November 01, 1999 at 14:31:18:

: : Don: People most certainly have the right to defend themselves from violent attack, using whatever means necessary. This applies both to employers and employees, as well as everyone else. If my boss attacked me, I certainly feel I have a right to defend myself using lethal force, if necessary. I suspect that what *you* want is an attack on employers who are not hurting anyone, but who are guilty of being members of a "class" you wish to purge. In this case, they have every right to defend themselves from the likes of you, using leathal force, if necessary.

: OK Don so we know who your with. If your boss threatens you with unemployment then I reckon you have every right to threaten him with strikes, pickets and destroying his business and rendering him unemployed also.

Don: I feel I have the right to strike and picket, but I think the boss has the right to bring in other workers to do the job.

: : Don: Now, I know you have a desire to purge. You have indicated the desire to purge me, simply because my ideas are different than yours.

: I would like to purge anyone who is prjudiced, intolerant and dogmatic. Let's not pretend dont you have the same attitudes to socialists etc. as the KKK has to blacks, alright?

Don: I have nothing but love for socialists (well, quite a bit of pity, too). Since you are pretty dogmatic, I detect considerable self hate in you. Perhaps you can get some professional help.

: :I am not the boss of anyone, and never have been. Still, you wish to kill me. Because of my ideas.

: No because you are willing, as you just stated to violently join in anti-union, anti-socialist activities, it doesnt matter what colour you paint it your anti-socialist and whether your peddling anti-socialist dogma, it is dogma since it isnt grounded in fact, or firing a rifle I think your prejudice and intolerance is the same.

Don: Prior to this post, I haven't said anything about unions. Most unions seem to be hotbeads of corruption, but in principle I don't oppose them. I do not believe that workers should be FORCED to join unions in order to hold a job.

Don: I think socialism is a bad idea, and I oppose it. I never suggested violence against people who believe in socialism just because of their beliefs. If they plan to use violence to achieve their ends, that is another matter.

: :It is easy to see how Marxists can so easily engage in a blood bath.

: Is it? I wouldnt know not being a Marxist but perhaps being as dogmatic as they are you would know.

Don: I appoligize to the Marxists out there for associating this guy with your you.

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