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Quack (again)

Posted by: Samuel Day Fassbinder ( Citizens for Mustard Greens, USA ) on November 05, 1999 at 16:10:45:

In Reply to: talk about filtered 'hearing' posted by Gee on November 04, 1999 at 18:43:48:

: Investment - the building of factory etc is still necessary. The factory isnt 'eaten', its the product that is - so somewhere along the line investment decisions are still going to be made and investment will still enable production.

SDF: Even under capitalism, people could just volunteer to build factories from their own private stocks of raw materials, and no investors would be necessary. Moving money around is not necessary for people to build things.

: : (skipping the redundant stuff you couldnt cope with more like)

: : SDF: This is an attempt to validate straw figures. By the same token I could argue that I think we ought to address claims that advocate violent and bloody murder associated with anarcho-capitalism and libertarianism...

: If people here were advocating it I'd expect you to do so.

SDF: Socialists on this board do not advocate the things you associate with "socialism," yet you continue to make such associations.

: : SDF: Look, I have you down as saying that all desires were merely subjective.

: Peoples desires are subjective, the value of bread to a starving man can be argued OBJECTIVELY

SDF: If we were to be logically consistent, we would argue the following syllogism, consistent with basic logic:

1) All desires are subjective.
2) Starving people desire bread


3) Starving people's desire for bread is subjective.

(but here we argue)

: : you have to show how some desires are objectively more important than others.

: Thats what I asked you - did you read it at all?

SDF: I read it several times. I still don't see how you claim to believe in anything other than the syllogism I produced above, except by equivocating.

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