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Posted by: Chris ( U. S. A. ) on January 22, 1999 at 11:29:22:

Just so everyone knows - I have worked at a McDonald's for over three years. It was the first job I have ever had, I am now a manager, and have a great sence of pride to announce that. To start with everyone who likes to put down Mcdonald's and say what a terrible job they do maybe those people should think about why you think we have such bad service. It is the customer. For example, they will sit in drive-thru for two to three minutes trying to decide what they want to order, or so on. And tink about this, the customers are wrong even though we can't tell them they are. But every one makes mistakes and those rude customers make just as many as anyone else. They are just too errogant to admit they are wrong. And it is really nice to have a parent standing there with their child, while they are cussing out a manager for the service they received. Think about your kids for once, not just yourself. So the next time your're in a McDonald's give them a brake, because no one is perfect. And if you think you can do any better - try it.

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