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Posted by: Employee ( USA ) on January 24, 1999 at 15:02:15:

In Reply to: McDonald's employee posted by Chris on January 22, 1999 at 11:29:22:

I too am a McDonald's employee. I have seen many co-workers come and go in the year and a half I have worked there. I started at a McDonalds that had just been built, thinking better opportunities because we would all start at the bottom. Throughout my time there I have been given the run around about the raises, vacations and such. It took me over a year to get an evaluation for my raise. We were told we would have paid vacations, but later found out there is no such thing at McDonalds. The only time you are allowed to have overtime is when it is to their benefit (like when everyone quits and you are the only one stupid enough to stay and put up with it). You may say : Why don't you get another job then? Well that is an excellent point. However, I am a full-time college student trying to make something of myslef. There are no jobs in my area that will work around my class schedule besides fast food restaurants.

I also see laws broken every day at McDonalds. They have teens under 16 working for them. The Labor Laws state that under 16 you can only work 3 hours a day and not past 7 pm on weekdays and no more than 18 hours per week while school is in session. Those kids are worked very frequently until closing time and a lot of times get more hours in than I do. They have faulty equipment even for a new store. The meat cooler has a cord that is wrapped in electrical tape and you can see the wires through it. When they move it to mop and it comes unplugged, someone must get down in the puddle of water to plug it back up. I am not proud to work for McDonalds, but I have to be able to pay my bills so I can go to school.

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