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Burger Kings excel when it comes to health issues.

Posted by: Shaun ( Burger King, USA ) on February 11, 1999 at 11:03:53:

In Reply to: Further on Ice Cream Cones... posted by McDWorker on February 10, 1999 at 10:29:47:

Well, Burger King's in the US (that I know of) do not sell ice cream. However, we do sell shakes, and in my state, you must have a permit to sell shakes. In order for you to keep your permit, the shake mix and machine and the shake itself gets tested once a month to make sure it is safe to drink. If it fails once and then fails the retest, the health department can shut down the restaurant, but more likely they will just revoke your license and you can't sell shakes anymore.
Well our franchise has 14 stores and has been around since the early 60's and that hasn't happened once. In fact, American Burger Kings excel when it comes to health issues. We watched videos about other individual fast food places and how they were shut down because of health issues so we can learn how not to be like them. (Among those fast food places I'm talking about? Jack in the Box, Pizza Hut, Wendys, and especially Dunkin Donuts) If you knew what I knew about Dunkin Donuts, you wouldn't eat there either

McSpotlight: Is the food sold at any fast food restaurant "healthy"?

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