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Vala, don't you have anything better to do...

Posted by: Mike Bacon ( Bo Roberts smokes Howard Stern, TX, USA ) on February 17, 1999 at 10:05:05:

In Reply to: Mc Donalds now has secret memos on how to deal with such situations posted by vala on February 15, 1999 at 16:28:42:

...than to make trouble for people? I don't understand your kind, nor the members of that "Utopian Anarchist Party". We all have to work someplace. If you have a job, you should understand that.

Someone explain this to me: many of the very people who claim to be most outspoken against police brutality (and I agree with that, abusive cops deserve to be stripped of their badges, ...and worse) and other forms of violence don't think anything of setting off stink bombs, "paint-bombing" McD managers/franchise owners, intimidating customers, and whatever else.

Beef in general, and QP's and Big Macs specifically, are LEGAL products. There is a demand for them. If it weren't for the demand, then the McD's chain would cease to exist or change gears and tune itself to the current market.

And this business of looking like "death" and shedding croccidile tears over the beef product in front of you is another disruption which the McD management has a right to put a stop to. I wouldn't let you aggravate my customers either.

In closing, it won't be long before certain customers will get tired of that type of shit, and start taking matters into their own hands. I've met men and women who are generally cool and easy going, but will not tolerate the shit that you described. I have a female neighbor who is a tough late 30-something. You DON'T want to get on her bad side.


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