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I don't know if you just didn't read your article

Posted by: Kalvin P Chapman ( UK ) on March 12, 1999 at 14:41:20:

In Reply to: People do not become obeice from eating fast food posted by 2kute on March 12, 1999 at 09:46:26:

I don't know if you just didn't read your article before you submitted it, but it is rather strange.

You will find that if a person eats food high in fat, and low in fibre, over a long period, they WILL become fat/obese. Obesety can be classed as a disease, I assume, but there are also people who are obese because of poor diet. McDonalds were found guilty of having given false and misleading information in the leaflets, although nothing was ever done about it.

As for your other proposition about the world becoming over populated with cows if we don't eat them, Hah!!!! That is THE most ridiculous statement that I have ever read. I am NOT a vegitarian, and never intend to be. I'm not an animal rights campaigner either, but Please! If Humans stopped eating cows tomorrow, there wouldn't be farming of them, therefore not as much forced breeding, and their population would slow down. There would, in fact, be less cows than there are at present.

I think that you will find that in 336 days of court room time, for the McLibel appeal, there are a considerable amount of FACTS that have been proved. I think you also find that no one was 'running their mouth off' without checking those facts. You will also find that there is a 700+ page judgment given for the first trial, which shows that there has to have been a few FACTS. So, before you start writing articles that are not even thought out, please, do a little homework first. You really did make your self sound quite silly indeed.

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