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McDonalds bulldozes 100 year old house

Posted by: Cath ( Australia ) on March 16, 1999 at 16:28:01:

Mc Donalds, not content to own 5 stores within 5 minutes of a central location in a single suburb, has commenced bulldozing of a 100 year old heritage home in Coburg (Melbourne) Australia

Read the article inThe Age

The local residents strongly opposed this construction, and the local council refused to issue a planning permit. McDonalds, knowing what is best for the community, decided to obtain the demolition order from a different city council via a legal loophole, and demolition began in the early hours of Friday morning. A spokesperson for Mc Donalds issued a statement that the new "restaurant" will provide the community with a wonderful new resource. Wow, if McDonalds is so concerned about community resources, we sure could use a new hospital.

If anyone is interested in emailing the planning minister about this unwanted McDonalds, Mr MacLellan's email address is



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