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McDonalds is not only a great place, but a good career move

Posted by: ADRIAN DITONTO ( AUSTRALIA ) on March 16, 1999 at 17:03:46:

You people really shit me you have nothing better to do than slam a billion dollar corporation... are you jealous?...if they are doing so much damage, like you say they are and its affecting your life so much, well then go and kill yourself so you can be away from the crap you belive in.If you idiots knew more about McDonalds like i do, you will learn to appreciate they things it does to benefit the community, like the sick and old. I have worked for McD's for over 2yrs and have chosen it to be my career..you might think its funny, but look at what you guys do for a living. McD's for me is now a way of life everything i do revolves around it and i chose it to be that way.

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