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Posted by: toney Bar-b-que mike ( platsburg missouri ) on March 17, 1999 at 18:02:58:

On the subject of food quality Mcdonal's has to have worst fast food product for this century. Product sitting in mild holding bins around the country while managers are no where to be found. Please the best advise for the consumer don't pick product up at drive thru because as soon as you leave parking lot your product is cold and you have alreadu paid for this debacle. The buns are hard and cheece has been sitting in small soy pattie like cheese on a hot assfault highway.The best product for my money is the egg mcnothing. I like the ones that have been in holding area for 20 minutes. The yellow eggyokes like a jawbreaker in the middle of december. Remember the suits and ties of the front office have no clue as to product quality control only their paychecks which we supply when we purchse this inferior pruduct they promote over the air waves. Kroc would be proud of the way his company has continued in his footsteps of poor quality and clean windows.

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