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This is the policy at ALL USA stores

Posted by: joshers ( USA ) on March 26, 1999 at 10:20:09:

In Reply to: We charge for sauce too posted by Dan on March 25, 1999 at 11:16:34:

: : Does anyone else here who works in a fast food restaurant charge for thier sauces as well?

: Our McD's has a system where if you want more than 2 sauces with your order, providing it's not a very large order and there's no 20-pack of nuggets, we charge 11 cents for each sauce after 2. this way you can still get your sauces free if you just prefer them to ketchup, but there's no somewhat consumer-immoral leeching of free sauces from the restaurant to be used with their own meals later: buy your own sauce!

: this system makes a lot of sense and i think is fair to both the restaurant and the customer

My store has the following sauce policy:

4 piece - 1 sauce
6 piece - 1 sauce
9 piece - 2 sauces
20 piece - 3 sauces

Customers can however, request one additional sauce without charge. Extra sauces are $.10 each. This is the policy at ALL USA stores

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