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Most customers are not annoying, it may be you.

Posted by: Shaun ( Burger King, USA ) on April 01, 1999 at 18:51:38:

In Reply to: Annoying customers and why I am annoyed with their stupidity posted by Kati on March 30, 1999 at 12:20:38:

: And "can I have that fresh" is that what you said or did you say you want the old non-fresh food we made a MAXIMUM of ten minutes ago.

If you made sure ALL the food you served was hot and fresh, people wouldn't have to request it fresh. I'll admit, sometimes I get customers who bring back food that isn't hot and of course they want us to make them a new one, but where I work we aren't going to bitch and moan about it, after all it was our fault! So if you get a customer that request a hot, fresh sandwich I'm sure they won't mind waiting the extra minute.

:And since when do we have an option of dark or light meat chicken McNuggets? Sure you can "BIGGY" size that as soon as we move three blocks down the road, change our name to Burger King, and install microwaves and smear catup on the ways.

Burger King doen't "Biggie Size", that's Wendys. I cant tell you how many of our customers get some McDonalds, BK and Wendy's products mixed up, and is it really a big deal? Everyday people at my restaurant order Chicken McNugget Happy Meals, baked potatoes, Super Size etc... All you have to do is nicely tell them what you do have that is similar. Get it? I work at BK, so for instance a customer asks me for a Happy meal, I'll say, OK one Kids Club meal, anything else? Or a customer might ask me for a Big Mac, and I'll say "The Big Mac is McDonalds, we have the Whopper which is bigger than the Big Mac. Or we have the Big King if you'd rather have that" Or if they ask for chili I'll just simply say "I'm sorry, we don't serve chili here, that's Wendy's" See my point? There is no reason to be rude to the customer.

"Hello are you there", if I wasn't resonding, that would mean A) you aren't talking to me and you are exercising your voice or you like to hear yourself talk (B) I would rather surround myself with intellecually stimmulating persons (C) I still can't figure why I am here and why everytime I wear this headband thing that is also attached to my waist that I assume is there for an uncommfortable reminder that I lost my best friend's really awesome headband with yellow flowers attached, in second grade and am still not trustworthy and I am uncapable of comprehending the voices I hear are not satan arguing with my acoholic/drug abusing father about the number codes for bathroom humor is consisting numbers 1-3 and coke and the fact beer does come from a plant with roots, but unless in an Indiana Jones movies the roots are not commonly served with beer.

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