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Haven't you ever seen a two headed coin?

Posted by: otto ( retired, usa ) on April 15, 1999 at 17:37:44:

In Reply to: Two sides to every coin. posted by London on April 12, 1999 at 18:58:03:

: "You may say that I am a dreamer... but I am not the only one."

1. Add human nature to the "industrial revolution" and you must see that progress could not be prevented. No matter the cost, it would take place and perhaps be the biggest threat to our environment. Keep thinking positive and you see that we now have the means through science (part of the industrial revolution) to make this a better world to live in. We are making great progress in improving as well as repairing the environment. Aim your fears at this area and back their efforts.

2. Haven't you ever seen a two headed coin? It is hard to call "tails" and win. Live with what we have and try to make it better. It is easy to be the sunday morning quarterback.

3. You pick on the wrong guy if you think I "made it through life and retired" without confronting the same world problems that youth face today. I started out and still am a dreamer. My contributions fell on deaf ears and I learned that to fight for the best world possible is to be prepared to get hit on the head a lot. I have my share of bumps thank you, and more importantly, I am still dreaming and fighting.
What I tell you is reality and experience.

Take McDonald's for example. They have no regard for the environment except when it could increase their profits. Hey, If I owned them I would be more aware of workers and the damage they do to the environment, but damned if I wouldn't have one eye on the tens of thousands of investors return on their investment. They are mindless people who only respect the dollar and power.

4."life span" Get real. You have to look at percentages. Population growth verses life span vs. quality of life vs cures for disease's that killed new borns at a rate of one of every two babies born. You will live an average of seven years longer (God and drunk drivers willing) than your parents. think of all the things you will see and do with those years.

5. "...children who do not have the privilege of luck." Listen pal, there are volumes on how people born to the worst conditions under the worst governments who accomplished far more than you or I will. You sound like a socialist here. The thing about having everyone equal in monatary assets, education, etc. is that humans are not blessed equal.
Someone will always want a little more or different from his neighbor.
Let's keep dreaming and working with what we have. Was it St. Frank who said something along the lines of....accept what I cannot change, change what I can and have the wisdom to know the difference.

Kindest regards.

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