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why bother?

Posted by: Jaz on May 16, 1999 at 14:12:54:

Well u r right - why do they target McDonalds - well these people have nothing better to do with their lives - its quite sad really that they devote so much time to talking sh@# on this forum!

Why dont u go do something more useful with ur time like helping the unfortunate, doing some voluntary work - and really make a difference in the world!!

I think McDonalds does a great amount of work with charities which is HIGHLY COMMENDABLE!

There are millions of companies who exploit, sue others, fail to be good corporate citizens etcc...- McD's is a very small pea in the pod. Why dont u go after the tobacco industry - they encourage people to smoke and end up dying! - at least u wont die eating a Big Mac!

McSpotlight: Actually, the World Health Organization has concluded that a diet typified by McDonald's food is linked to diseases of the heart and cardiovascular system and is also possibly linked to various cancers. So they might just kill you...not to mention the fact that meat serves as a reservoir for chemicals like dioxins and organophosphates once they have escaped into the wild.

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