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so it's mcD's responsibility to monitor your kids?

Posted by: sammy on May 22, 1999 at 15:51:26:

In Reply to: it is not mcd's responsibility to make sure you eat right posted by sammy on May 21, 1999 at 12:04:59:

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: McSpotlight: Do you consider that a child less than eight years old has the discrimination to judge adverts objectively? That's the market sector that McDonald's advertises to.

sorry mc spotlight, your talking to someone who doesn't even believe kids and tv should be allowed in the same room together.
second, if a parent tells a child that "no, a big mac doesn't really look like that, and mc donalds is unhealthy and that tv is not real" my answer is yes, i do believe a young child can grasp, or begin to grasp these concepts, even at, and especially at a very young age, just as they can be taught to stay away from electrical outlets and hot stoves.

thirdly, true mcD's markets to young kids, but how many three and four year olds have even 3 or 4 bucks to thier name? the money part, which is what mcd's is really after, comes from adults. so if we as adults have the final say as to weather the kids eat mcD's,how can we blame mcdonalds for something that we chose to do?

take responsiblity for your own actions, stop looking for a scape goat, and keep an eye on your own kids! no one else cares about your kid like you do, so why would you trust anyone else to raise your kid?(especially a television commercial for gosh sakes! throw the damn thing out the window and find other ways to use up your time.)

McSpotlight: True; but how many McD's adverts have you seen in which a child is the deciding factor for going to McD's; some tot hanging on their parents' arm and begging to go to McD's; what McD's are trying to create is a mass perception that such behaviour is normal; playing up the idea that "pester power" works. That's why the judge ruled that McD's exploits children and their parents.

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