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time to wake up and be responsible!

Posted by: Observer! ( Canada ) on June 02, 1999 at 10:20:17:

In Reply to: so it's mcD's responsibility to monitor your kids? posted by sammy on May 22, 1999 at 15:51:26:

: take responsiblity for your own actions, stop looking for a scape goat, and keep an eye on your own kids! no one else cares about your kid like you do, so why would you trust anyone else to raise your kid?(especially a television commercial for gosh sakes! throw the damn thing out the window and find other ways to use up your time.)

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: McSpotlight: True; but how many McD's adverts have you seen in which a child is the deciding factor for going to McD's; some tot hanging on their parents' arm and begging to go to McD's; what McD's are trying to create is a mass perception that such behaviour is normal; playing up the idea that "pester power" works. That's why the judge ruled that McD's exploits children and their parents.

Kids have been "pestering" thier parents for generations, before McD's was even started..All kids go through it, and that behavior is normal, we've all done it, and the kids generations to come are going to do it.....Pestering is consistant nagging, I've never seen a McD commercial where the kid is nagging his/her parents to take him/her to McD's.....IN reality, parents as we know have the final say, and if they decide to take their kids to McD;s, they can;t blame for McD'sbecause the dont know how to stand up to their child..Its a shame that in todays society, the blame is always put on someone else, if you dont like the McDs commercial, get off your coach and turn the tv off or change the channel instead of sitting there and complaining about it, and if you dont know how to say know to your child, you better learn, cause if its not McD's your child wants its something else...time to wake up and be responsible!

McSpotlight: In reality, parents often don't have the final say; children learn to manipulate their parents very early in life. I'm not disputing that giving in to your kid is a Bad Thing; what is being said is that McDonald's are portraying giving into your kid's whims as "normal" behaviour; thus making it harder for parents to govern their children. Their advertising plays up the power of children to pester their parents and portrays it as "normal".

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