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sounds good to me

Posted by: William on June 25, 1999 at 10:31:39:

In Reply to: The world without fast food posted by Ludwig von Mises on June 19, 1999 at 17:51:54:

: So just kill off all of the fast food companies?

sounds good to me

What about regular restaurants that sell hamburgers? Kill them off too?

im all for anything that helps protect the environment

Maybe keep supermarkets from selling beef as well?

even that


i got news for ya. Not everyone knows or cares about where their beef came from, in fact probably 90% of the world doesn't.

thats what mcspotlight and its followers are here for

: Therefore, if you take away your burgers, they'll just get the meat in other ways. Killing off McDs won't solve the problem.

its a heck of a great place to start

i understand what you are saying. i just believe that there are alternatives and im chosing those. and as many people i can get to do the same, even one, i consider that great. it wont be long till people are forced to make those alternative choices, because of the ecological destruction. either that or the world will just die off from its own "care less" attitudes, which you are right, more than most people have. who knows which will happen first? i guess im just stupid enough to hope that it will be the alternative choosing.

just because the removing of beef would be difficult doesnt mean it should be excused as an effective way to help the environment. we better learn quick which is more important- the conveinience and joys, beef and fast food as ONE example, or the health of our planet

do you at least agree with that?

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