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Posted by: Ludwig von Mises ( USA ) on June 26, 1999 at 11:59:19:

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I wuz gonna letcha have the last word, but you asked a question.

: just because the removing of beef would be difficult doesnt mean it should be excused as an effective way to help the environment. we better learn quick which is more important- the conveinience and joys, beef and fast food as ONE example, or the health of our planet

: do you at least agree with that?

Yeah, I agree with that. Personally I will only eat cold deep water fish, as they are pretty safe if you cook 'em well.

However, I think that telling the public how their food is made(which is what made me a semi-vegitarian) and getting them to beleive you would do the trick. Taking out the meet industry and pissing off a 90% of the western world is not a good way to go about saving our planet.

McSpotlight: Agreed; a public cannot be said to have made a fair decision unless they have *all* the facts; which is why a company that resorts to lawsuits to try and conceal the facts is a Bad Thing.

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