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corporate conspiracys with emphasis on mcdonalds (mcdeaths)

Posted by: fredygump ( usa ) on July 09, 1999 at 12:42:54:

I have recently discovered a correlation between the type of door on an establishment and the type of attitude of the people in that establishment. In the case of mcdonalds, they use large heavy doors that seem rather hard to open (relative to doors of many other businesses). The purpose of these doors is that people, once they enter the building, they will subconsciously think that they are now trapped by that heavy door. This will motivate them to buy that extra large, fat saturated meal--and possible supersize it! They do this because that they think that this will give them the strength to open that very heavy door and escape from the oppressive environment of the restaurant. Of course, the they were able to get in because of their extreme hungar and the fact that they aren't smart enough to remember their previous experiences.

I have also realized that the same principle, although applied differently, is used in large retail stores. Having the doors open automatically will make you feel inspired--like there is some supernatural power that opened the door for you, because it is your destiny to go and spend all of your money at that store. These poor soles just go ahead and buy themselves into credit card debt (another conspiracy altogether).

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