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The automatic doors

Posted by: Shaun ( usa ) on July 14, 1999 at 21:51:50:

In Reply to: corporate conspiracys with emphasis on mcdonalds (mcdeaths) posted by fredygump on July 09, 1999 at 12:42:54:

: I have also realized that the same principle, although applied differently, is used in large retail stores. Having the doors open automatically will make you feel inspired--like there is some supernatural power that opened the door for you, because it is your destiny to go and spend all of your money at that store. These poor soles just go ahead and buy themselves into credit card debt (another conspiracy altogether).

I forgive you McSpotlight for cutting off the second part of my post. It was an accident after all.
Back to the doors. The reason (and I think it is obvious) supermarkets and retail stores have automatic doors is so you can go in and out with shopping carts and/or packages with ease, so your not crashing through the door.

McSpotlight (flippantly) adds: perhaps they're also for audio freaks who just love the 'swish-swish' effect ... Trekkies know what I mean. But yes your suggestion seems sound tho I wonder why they don't just leave the doors permanently open, all day and all night, it would make quick escapes so much easier ...

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