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NEVER give you more than 39 hours

Posted by: Bobby on July 14, 1999 at 21:40:54:

In Reply to: Are you on the clock or salaried? posted by Mike Bacon on July 08, 1999 at 11:38:19:

: If you punch a clock, then you MUST be paid overtime for EVERY hour past the 40. That's Federal, not State, law. In fact, all employers are required to post copies of the stated labor laws on bulletin boards in areas such as break rooms.
: MWB.

I can tell you that the McDonald's I work at will NEVER give you more than 39 hours. NEVER. If your close to getting 40 or over..they cut the rest of your shifts. No one EVER gets paid overtime because they don't allow you to work it. If managers work more than 40 hours they will be in really big trouble, and that is only because our store manager gets in really big trouble from the regional supervisor. Its a screwed up business. While we are on this topic...I don't know about everywhere or if this is a federal law or just a McDonald's law but minors cannot work more than 5 hours at a time..6 hours on a school day max and 8 on a non-school day. I have seen instances where managers changed the time punch out on the computer if minors went over 5 hours so they wouldn't get in trouble with what they call a "minor violation" which involves somekind of fine. If anyone could explain this more to me..I would be happy to listen.

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