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As do you!

Posted by: Derek ( USA ) on August 02, 1999 at 19:32:14:

In Reply to: I doubt you'll see any change whatsoever posted by Arjuna on July 27, 1999 at 11:06:15:

: McSpotlight: If you actually feel like complaining at McD's website, you can try going to this form - but beware; they reserve the right to change, forget or alter what you've said...

As do you!

McSpotlight: Actually, if you look at our evidence, you'll see that nearly all of it is either taken from publicly available documents by respected groups (like the UN World Health Organisation) or came from McDonald's themselves (see the referenced leaflet or came out during the court case (see the transcripts). We're not denying that we have our own personal feelings on McDonald's, but we do not feel a good decision can be made without all the facts. Given McD's habit of trying to silence critics, we feel it to be important that these previously suppressed criticisms be made available to the public.

Oh - and finally; we never alter what any poster has said here on the Debating Rooms; we may reject it if it's abusive or a petty one-liner (we are running a Debating Room, after all), but if you have a relevant point to make and do so in a reasonably polite manner, then your post will get through. Even if it's just a criticism of McSpotlight.

(Especially if it's a criticism of McSpotlight. We take these things personally; we're proud of McSpotlight; as such, we don't believe in ignoring criticism; we will generally do our best to refute it, or apologise humbly if something has snarled up for real).

But we do not put words into your mouth. Nor have we ever pretended the legal right to. Unlike a certain large fast food corporation...

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