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Wrong wrapper maybe

Posted by: McChick ( Crew Trainer, Australia ) on August 08, 1999 at 14:06:36:

In Reply to: Your stupidity is not the employees fault. posted by Shaun on August 04, 1999 at 11:46:38:

Perhaps this person received their food, checked it, and found that it did have a Garden Wrap on it, yet inside was the wrong product - a Chicken Wrap. When you buy something and it is wrapped as a Garden Wrap, that is what you expect to receive, and probably wouldn't think of checking the actual product. But perhaps now, because of this experience, they will.

What are these Garden Wraps and Chicken Wraps anyway? I'm simply talking from my experience with Junior/Cheese burgers getting wrapped incorrectly, or Filet and Chicken. It doesn't happen often, but mistakes do happen.

: Let me get this straight. You, a vegetarian, recieved a Chicken wrapper and you double checked the wrapper to confirm this. After checking, you noticed that it was, indeed, a chicken wrapper and yet you continued to eat the sandwich, knowing it was wrapped as chicken, and you were surprised to actually see chicken in the sandwich? I think the restaurant was more than fair to offer your money back. Your stupidity is not the employees fault. If I were allergic to peanut butter and saw a cookie wrapper marked "peanut butter cookies" I wouldn't eat the cookies. In your 25 year stint as a vegetarian, you never learned to look at food to make sure there was no meat in it? (especially when the wrapper specifically says there is meat in it)

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