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I cannot agree with your view

Posted by: Paul on October 01, 1999 at 18:06:46:

In Reply to: Give Maccas a BREAK posted by Rupert on September 30, 1999 at 17:12:01:

Hi Rupert,
While I agree with you that the training procedures and chain of command within a store is fantastic, and not matched anywhere to my knowledge, I cannot agree with your view that they are a great employer to work for.

Now I dont know your age, but you have clearly seen many sides to the business, as I have. I was 20 when I started at the Bendigo store, and I thought it was all beer and skittles, but it quickly wears you down. For example: the pressure involved in trying to complete a full close at night in 75 minutes, and not getting paid for anytime after. I can say without a doubt that it was tried many times, but rarely ever was achieved. You can put it down to the crew being on eg: training a newcomer etc, but even with a top crew on, it was guarenteed to be at least an hour before being finished.

I also wonder if you are aware of the pressure placed on your managers on their shifts? Their ultimate responsibility is to meet sales targets set by estimates and the store owner. And if they are not achieved, then take cover, because it will hit the fan. I've seen it happen. Young people just probably don't care, because they see this as only a casual job which gives them extra money, and they can't be blamed for that, they dont know any better. But if they, or you, knew the shit that flies within these stores, you'd probably change your mind, or at least think about it. I'm now a 22yo accountant, having left Maccas in Feb 99. I use a lot of principles I learnt there, but I give them absolutely no respect for their treatment of Managers, crew,a nd the devotion to making money. Feel free to email me at whit1977@hotmail.com But you wont change my mind at all.

: I have worked a McDonalds for the best part of 3 years and despite the odd hiccup expected with the best of employers it has been good - i am extremely happy i got a job there. It hurts me to see the rubbish, but other than that i have no complaints. McDonalds do not sack you when you hit 18, they treat you with repect and reward your loyalty to them. When compared to other employers of youth they are up there with the best.

: I think you lot should stop whinging and realise that you are YOUTHS that are UNSKILLED, what do you expect? to be paid like rocket scientists? If it is that bad... QUIT! I cant comment on other countries, but in Australia, Western Australia at least, McDonalds is a fine employer.

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