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perhaps you should think again before buying a burger from these people.

Posted by: Anna ( England ) on October 10, 1999 at 17:00:39:

In Reply to: Persuade me please!! posted by Fifa on October 07, 1999 at 10:37:25:


You have asked to be persuaded on the argument against mcdonalds, well here are a few pointers which may help to enlighten you on the debate!

1 - It is widely documented that Mcdonalds keep the animals they kill for our food in terrible conditions, for example, can you imagine a pregnant women being chained to the gate of her cage until she gave birth, and even when the baby was born, could not touch or comfort her new born? That would be totally unheard of and if it did happen then ALL people would be furious, NOT just the human rights campaigners.

Why is it then that will feel happy about constant ill treatment and abuse to happen to these animals, is it because we don't have to see them, or watch them be slaughtered? Just because you end with the finished product in your hand, doesn't make it any less of the animal it once was.

Its not whether the animal can talk, or whether they contribute to society in the so called normal way humans do, but can they feel pain, and suffering? The answer is obviously yes. We are not the only intelligent form of life on this planet, the animals have been on this planet far longer then we have, and yet we are arrogant enough as a race to think that we are superior to any other form of life - think about that.

2 - The second point is that Mcdonald uses a very repetitive and alluring form of advertising, why is it that they always seem to win the kids over? and why is it that many young children can recite the thme song for Mcdonalds, and that Ronald Mcdonald is seen as the friend to all children?

3 - Finally, I understand your point about being a business, and in this world all forms of industry are highly competitive, but does that give them the right to do all of the disgusting practices that they are doing? Mcdonalds is a multi-million pound company, and yet I believe that they won't stop until there is a Mcdonalds in every town (and perhaps village!!) throughout the world, they are devious in their business practices, and to be quite frank they haven't got the balls to take on the campaigners arguments - why is that? Is it because they know exactly what they do and that there practices are wrong?

I hope that some of those points will have made the debate about "maccas" any clearer to you, and for anyone else who is out there and whoj reads this, perhaps you should think again before buying a burger from these people.

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