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Rats at Mc Donalds

Posted by: King Queen ( Paraplegics in Drag, Cornerstone ) on December 07, 1999 at 12:43:04:

Thought you might be interested by the following message. The message ID is , on newsgroup uk.local.yorkshire

>And much much much more.
>Boycott McD's! For more info see http://www.mcspotlight.org, the most popular
>campaigning website in the world.
I was on my way down the A14 t'other day, I stopped at a garage next to
a McDirts, filled the car up and got a sarnie & a coffee. As I was
eating my Ginsters BLT I happenned to glance over at McD's , there were
three of the biggest bloody rats I have ever seen milling about by McD's open back door! Now I'm not one of those peeps who don't like rats, they are fascinating animals, they clean up the shit that humans leave in their wake so I thought it was quite fitting that they should be in a McDonald's (there I said it!) store room. I got out of the car to put my rubbish away and there by the bin was another enormous rat, dead this time, poor bugger must have had too much thick shake! I thought about carrying it into McDonalds and saying in a loud voice "Found this in my big mac mate". I wonder what they'd have paid me to shut up.

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