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It's all a choice.

Posted by: Michael Goss jr ( usa ) on January 29, 19100 at 12:42:36:

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Let me say something to your accord McSpotlight, yes, eating constint McDonalds will hurt you. But, Mcdonlads doesn't tell that 500pd guy to come in at 10pm for a supper sized chocholate shake. We have freedom of choice, if people want ot be over weight and fat, they are allowed. I eat McDonalds every day and am a built 165pds, because I choose to be. It's all a choice. The reprocutions are yours to take. McDonalds has Grilled chicken, salads, water, oj, aj, soup, and by God 90%of all towns have a gym. If these people don't want to use them, who are you to judge, knowbody. all I have to say in conclusion about you putting down McDonalds "Judge not less thee be judged first" no more nor businees is perfect. If your gonna slander them, start a page for Burger King, Hardees, Taco Bell, Jack in the Box, Red Loobster, Ponderosa, Denys..........!!

McSpotlight: McDonald's themselves admitted that they were not in the marketplace to provide nutrition; so why do they pretend their food has a nutritional value?

To add to which, McDonald's-funded research show that the majority of McD's customers fall into the 'heavy user' or 'super heavy user' (SHU) group; they go after the people who eat McDonald's frequently and try to persuade them to eat it even more frequently.

It's a bit naive to think that it's entirely someone's choice; were that the case, advertising would be useless; and McDonald's spend well over $2 billion a year on advertising.

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