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Are you by chance a rich trial lawyer, Jared?

Posted by: Mike Bacon ( North TX, USA ) on February 02, 19100 at 01:42:47:

In Reply to: Mcdonalds guns tobacco must be eliminated!! posted by jared copland on January 21, 19100 at 12:14:41:

Jared, it's up to you to "Teach Your Children Well" [How about that David Crosby, folks? I guess he's now America's most talked about "donor"]. And it looks like you're getting a good start on it. I'd allow my kids more of a variety, if I had kids, and I don't think an occassional trip to McD's would be harmful. But that's me. I'm not going to tell parents how to raise their kids.

I know this part of my post is going off track a bit, but since it was brought up, gun manufacturers should not face liability for their CUSTOMERS'(or the thief who stole it) misuse of their products, any more than Chevy or Ford should be held liable for the idiot Camaro or Mustang owners who drive said muscle cars wrecklessly and someone dies as a result of the automobile accident that those bozo drivers caused.

As for fast food, the message has been out for over 30 years about the dangers of high cholestorol and high fat diets. TV public service announcements and news specials have emphasised these possible complications many times. And you can bet that the trial lawyers pushing for all these class action suits aren't in this due to any "concern" for the public's/children's health. They're probably getting hardons thinking about those juicy percentages of those extorted awards or settlements that they are going to collect for "services rendered", making them millionaires. The left-wing politicians who are conceiving all these extortion attempts, er excuse me, lawsuits, don't give a flying fuck about our health or safety either. All they see is the $$$$$, that they are already making plans to spend wrecklessly.

There is no such thing as an absolute safe product. You can choke on a "harmless" jellybean, as a matter of fact. If you eat big macs all the time, then there's a good chance you can die early. It's your choice. As for the ad people, yeah they likely are targeting the all-the-time fast food consumers, and the spoiled children with wimpy parents. But it's still up to the mature individual. The ad people aren't forcing you to enter the premises.


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