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Employee of 16yrs get SCREWED

Posted by: Screwed ( Ohio ) on February 03, 19100 at 21:33:10:

The money this company has to throw around to lawyers and private detectives, I'm sure is way beyond the amount of money they would be spending on paying me and cover my medical expenses after getting injured on the job.

Wake up McDonald's take care of your employees and treat them with respect, especially those who have stuck with you for such a long time. If you had competent hiring managers would get the degenerates that get away with taking advange of you. But not all people are bad, not all people are trying to get a free ride.

HISTORY of this call - Employee of very high standards, who everyone respected and new that this employee would always put out 110%, gets hurt while rushing to get the job done, now McDonalds is fighting to get this worker's compensation claim kicked out of the system and believe me there lawyers stop at nothing. You'd think I had robbed a bank.

DON"T WORK FOR MCDONALD'S a word of warning they treat employees like shit and respect no one, they try to take advantage of all.

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