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From a human to an 'unhuman' ...

Posted by: Lars ( Sweden ) on February 09, 19100 at 11:17:57:

In Reply to: Is it mentally healthy? posted by Scott Fraundorf on February 08, 19100 at 00:23:37:

Nice language! The world would be a happier world to live in if people like you would get a lesson in "good ways".

Humans have more value than other animals, which in turn, have more value than plants. Why?

The value of life (for a certain "individual") depends partly on his/hers expectations and plans for the future. The higher on "the evolution ladder" that a certain specimen is, the more is that specimens life worth. That's the only sane way to value life. Otherwise every growing object (even plants are alive) would have the same value. And that would mean that you can't eat anything. And that mean that you will die.

If you don't want to be human (which you are "geneticly coded" to be), I'm sorry for you!

// Lars (a proud meat-eater)

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